Because It Takes One To Know One
Specializing in police procedure and culture involving initial patrol investigations, initial and cold case detective investigations, special assignments such as narcotics, vice and white collar, officer supervision and officer communications to include report writing, MDT, dispatch and over the air radio traffic for prosecution, criminal defense or civil cases including Section 1983.   
It's not one side versus the other, it's about truth, facts and justice.
Case Review
Christine is a highly skilled investigator whose experience, professionalism, and ability to achieve results are second to none. She is very dependable and a pleasure to work with. In addition to promptly completing whatever work is necessary and maintaining excellent communication, she is always willing to offer her valuable insight. My firm and my clients have benefited greatly from her work. Joshua S. Davidson, Esq.
I have had the privilege of using Ms. Burke as an investigator for a number of my cases over the years. She is great to work with, is able to think outside of the box and is tenacious in getting the results and information I am looking for to translate into results for my clients. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who has the need for the services of an investigator. Kevin Breger
A year and a half of feeling defeated and then you come along. I finally feel there's hope. Thank you!!! Jason K.
You've done more for me in this one week than my other investigator over the whole time. Jason F.
You played a considerable role in our deposition prep which I believe was part of the reason we were able to reach agreement on the plea. Brian H., Attorney
Regional Offices: Gardnerville/Reno, Nevada - Phoenix, Arizona - Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

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